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Watch our training videos

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Our original beginner/intermediate routines on video

10 Top Tips for great Salsa Dancing
Follow these tips to fasttrack your progress

Salsa Dancing Tip #1: Always look at your partner's face when dancing.

Tip #2: For a more flowing movement, the follower should carry her own weight and not lean on the leader.

Tip #3: Never step on the heel first, you should always step on the ball of the foot, regardless of the direction you are heading.

Tip #4: The faster the music the smaller the steps. The slower tracks require longer steps.

Tip #5: Keep feet as close to the the ground as possible.

Tip #6: Good hip movement comes from getting the legwork right and is not a separate movement.

Tip #7: Always keep your body upright when dancing, with feet pointed slightly outward.

Tip #8: Be relaxed, do not hold the partner too tightly, during turns relax the arms to let them move more freely.

Tip #9: During the closed holds, arms should be slightly tensed, and some pressure applied.

Tip #10: On the break steps, do not just move your feet, transfer all your weight backwards and forwards.